Music is one of the world’s greatest art forms. There is no denying that music can touch the heart and mind of millions through words and yet, people don’t think it’s a fine art. You probably have heard of the legends of music from Aretha Franklin to Elvis Pressley and the Beatles and Michael Jackson; they are all amazing artists and yet no-one really has thought of their extraordinary work as fine art. Why? Why isn’t music classed as fine art? Can music ever be known or valued as art and why isn’t music given value as painters and sculptures?

Too Many Artists

Let’s be honest, how many music artists do you believe exist? The difference between painters and sculptures as well as many other artists is that singers and music artists are a dime a dozen. It might seem that way with painters too but what you have to remember is that only a select few painters are well known and recognized. That’s one of the reasons as to why music isn’t really valued as fine art as there are so many good artists out there. It’s sometimes hard to value music as fine art simply because of the sheer volume of artists out there today.

Music Has Value in the Eyes of the Listener

There are people who can see the real value and potential of music as fine art and who can absolutely understand its true value but it’s not always big bucks. For example, listeners who adore certain artists can put a fine art value on their records and albums more so than say other listeners. How does that work? Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that means there are some who would pay a million dollars for one record and others who wouldn’t spend more than ten dollars. It’s strange and in a way, music is too difficult to value as fine art. For some, they can see the value but others can’t.

Vinyl Is Fine Art

Maybe one way for music to be valued as fine art is through vinyl records. Now, vinyl is slowly making a comeback simply because of the quality and rarity of the pieces. In a way you could be able to class vinyl as a fine art more so than say songs you can download online for a few dollars. There are differences in the music world when it comes to songs and understand vinyl is in a league of its own because of its sheer uniqueness and quality. You could class vinyl records as fine arts in music.

The Unknown World of Music

Artists can make millions of dollars with one good song but it’s not because they are paid ten thousand dollars by one buyer, it’s through the sheer volume of music they sell. Artists are worth a lot of money at times but in a way their music isn’t always valued as high. There’s no doubt that music isn’t valued as fine art and may never be valued as fine art either even though there are some songs which hit home. Music as a fine art is difficult to value because it’s not often a one-of-a-kind.